What is LinkMngr?

LinkMngr is the complete solution for branded link management. It is the quickest way to share your links to bring traffic and grow your brand. Workspaces and team collaboration included.

Why LinkMngr is crucial for your branding and marketing efforts?

URL shorteners are a great way to create links that are easy for people and search engines alike, but they come with their own pitfalls. These ugly, spammy-looking URLs may not be the best choice if you're trying to build your brand or reputation in any kind of industry where appearances matter (e.g., fashion).

URLs can also become blacklisted by certain marketers because URL shorters have been used so often as spammers' weapons of choice over the years--which is why it's worth thinking about an alternative like LinkMngr instead!

LinkMngr presents a fresh approach to short links, that allows you the ability to create memorable and descriptive links with your custom branded domain. Unlike other URL shorteners, LinkMngr's are simple for people to say and remember while promoting your brand in every link!

Here is an example of shorterenedlinkwithLinkMngr

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