Reports in LinkMngr

Reports allow you to gain a deeper understanding of where and when your audience comes from by viewing your click data in reports.

To get the reports about any link, click on an already created short link and it will take you to the reports page. Where you can see:

  • Breakdown of traffic on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis
  • Number of unique clicks
  • Traffic breakdown based on the Device type, Platforms, Browsers, and Referrers
  • Breakdown of clicks across the world

At first, you can see your traffic numbers based on specific dates and times with total and unique click stats.

Then on the right side, you can find the breakdown of the traffic based on specific device types like Desktop, phone, etc.

In the platforms bar chart, you can quickly compare click sources based on Operating systems.

In the browsers chart, you can quickly see who's clicking on shortened links based on their preferred browsers.

Referrers show the websites from where people are referring to your destination URL.

LinkMngr ranks countries based on the number of clicks coming from them.

Recent clicks are the way to see your real-time traffic sources with details like browser, operating system, and country.

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