Why branded links are better than simple short links

LinkMngr has created a short URL service that is much more than just another link-sharing site. LinkMngr wants to reinvent the way people share their digital content with friends, peers, and customers.

LinkMngr's goal is not only for its users to have an easy time managing all of their links in one place but also giving them the chance to re-design or personalize how they want those links shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn without any fear of getting lost among millions other generic spaces online where anyone can see your information.

Here are just a few of the reasons why branded links created with LinkMngr are more effective than short URLs. 

Improves your SEO ranking 

URL shorteners like bit.ly don’t allow you to customize your keyword, and many of the generated keywords are random letters and numbers which have no value in SEO ranking. When it is allowed, there's a chance that someone else might want to use the same keyword as well - for example, if I wanted “marketing", chances were high my competition would be found on every other search result page too- even though their link has nothing to do with marketing!

However, when using LinkMngr as our URL shortener service we can select a branded domain name meaning all links will start off being customized for YOUR brand instead of somebody else's. And since you're the only one using your domain, you'll be free to use the specific keywords that are the most important to you.  

Diluting your brand affinity

You might find it difficult to connect your custom domain when using URL shorteners- instead, you'll likely end up with a generic link that features their branding. This allows them to promote themselves through the links you share on social media and dilute your brand by becoming just another company in an overpopulated marketplace. 

Increase your brand awareness

A branded domain is like a mini logo that you can have on your website or blog, so the links are easy to recognize and trust. If people know they're clicking through one of yours because it has an easily recognizable icon in front, then their trust will be increased even more when they see who's linking them there! 

Retarget your audience

With LinkMange’s branded link shortener, you can retarget people with your ads, who have previously interacted with your ads. It’s not hard to show your link visitors the best ads! You can add retargeting pixels/scripts directly to add visitors to retargeting lists.

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